Post from Pakistan: Trouble with being a non-practising Muslim dissenter

Now Islamophobia is very real. And interestingly, you cannot disconnect the image of Islam from it

Haroon Riaz

China and Pakistan tripping over CPEC gives India reason to smile

One of the things that Pakistan is choking on is a pile of Chinese debt, much of it related to the $60 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Abhishek Bannerji
Indian space  2022  7 people PM Modi  ISRO Video Independence Day  Rahul Gandhi Gyan Dev Ahuja
16, Aug 2018, 2:43 PM IST

Indian to be sent to space by 2022: Here are 7 people PM Modi and ISRO can think of (Video)

Independence Day meme: Some have made a name through controversies and they could well be sent to space soon now that PM Modi has made the mission Gaganyaan promise