Modi govt's policy of 'thousand squeezes' arrives as counter to Pakistan's age-old 'bleed India with a thousand cuts'

The ‘thousand cuts’ policy of Pakistan, formulated in Staff College, Quetta, had not met with an effective Indian counter so far, thanks to the listlessness of successive governments we had in the past. India seems to have changed its mind in this regard since the Pulwama terror attack. India is now formulating and executing an integrated policy of a thousand squeezes against Pakistan — diplomatic, economic, strategic and military.

Gautam Mukherjee

Genesis of Pulwama terror attack lies in jihad that intruded India in 7th century AD

Plunderers like the Umayyads, Muhammad Ghori, Muhammad of Ghazni and Tamerlane mercilessly looted this nation and claimed they killed crores of people for the sake of jihad; the recorded message of the suicide bomber of Pulwama furthers the same vile philosophy

Sanjay Kumar