New Chief of Defence Staff in December: India has finally prioritised its long-term security goals

The appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff will bring about a lot of changes to the Defence sector. As these changes are set to take place in December, we see what this would mean for national security and India’s future.

Vicky Nanjappa

A strong and effective Sedition law? India needs it more than any other country

While there has been a hue and cry for invalidating Sedition law in India, RK Mattoo, editor of Spade A Spade, writes in the editorial that the law should be made more strong and those who try to incite feelings of ‘disaffection’ towards a democratically elected government must be tamed 

RK Mattoo

From minority extremism to blocking NRC: Mamata Banerjee nervous ahead of 2021 Assembly

Mamata Banerjee’s heavily loaded statements in the past week serves to show that she is not quite happy about losing the Muslim vote bank after Asaduddin Owaisi’s announcement of AIMIM contesting the 2021 elections in Bengal.

Vicky Nanjappa

JNU: Learning change management and how not to fall into the extreme Left trap

Protests in JNU continue even though the administration decided to partially roll back the hostel fee hike only for students below the poverty line category and removed the provisions for the curfew timing and also the dress code

Vicky Nanjappa
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22, Nov 2019, 9:43 AM IST

DePress Room | This Pakistani bride prefers tomatoes over jewellery on her wedding

On a wedding day, what would a bride do? They would get the most amazing dress and would deck themselves up in the most unique way possible so that they can cherish that moment forever.
But a bride in Pakistan has come up with a unique idea and she really made it memorable. Just take a look and decide it for yourself.

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