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Rahul Gandhi is a thorn in Congress’s throne

 At a time when there is job loss everywhere, there is one vacancy that has not been filled for long. Not because there are no suitable or qualified candidates, but because of a name. The post that has been vacant is that of the Congress president

Shankar Raj

Spiteful Shiva Sena, a living commentary on dictatorship

The way the Shiva Sena has behaved in the recent days smacks of arrogance and mala fide intent.

Chaitanyesh Rudracharya

Flippancy in Palghar lynching case & intimidation to Kangana Ranaut define attitude of MVA government

It is the bounden duty of the elected government to protect the citizens, irrespective of their ideology they profess  

Chaitanyesh Rudracharya

Abolition of question hour: Know the truth – stop disinformation campaign

 The issue of the Centre’s decision not to have question hours during the upcoming Parliament session has made the opposition question it. But truth to tell, such abolitions are nothing new 

Team MyNation
2, Mar 2020, 8:10 PM

Does Sooryavanshi on reel hit the right chord with reality?

The trailer of Sooryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn released on March 2. Here is a small effort by the Just for Laughs team on MyNation to entertain you with a meme derived from the movie dialogues.

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