Sikkim Assembly election: Baichung Bhutia’s Hamro Sikkim Party fields seven candidates in first list

Baichung Bhutia,  former captain of the Indian football team and the head of the Bhutia’s Hamro Sikkim Party has fielded seven candidates in the first list for the 2019 Sikkim Legislative Assembly polls to be held on April  11

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Why elite academic institutions will transform Indian higher education

Priyanka Deo is an executive producer and anchor at New India Junction. She holds masters' degrees from the University of Southern California and the London School of Economics and Political Science and Harvard University. 

Priyanka Deo

What liberals told themselves after Modi’s 2014 win, but have still screwed up

Eminent Indian liberal columnists like Shiv Visvanathan, Pawan Varma, Santosh Desai had cautioned their lot against perverting secularism, sneering at the majority’s culture and faith, holding nationalism in contempt, distorting history. Each bit of introspection went unheeded last 5 years

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Here is why surgical strike 2.0 will help BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha elections

The air strike, also known as, Surgical Strike 2.0 and Pulwama attack have placed national security and terrorism among the top five issues during the 2019 elections; an issue that did not feature in the top 10 during the previous poll. We look at how the fervor of patriotism will help the BJP in the upcoming polls

Amitabh Tiwari
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15, Mar 2019, 6:18 PM IST

World Sleep Day: Vote for your sultan of snooze

Everyone needs a little break sometime, but when these all-important representatives doze off on the job, it does make headlines and cause the public to frown. On World Sleep Day, we bring you a list of our politicians on passive duty so that you can vote for your minister of sleep

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