#Semifinals18: Only PM Narendra Modi can save the day for BJP in Madhya Pradesh

The Bagelkhand-Vindhya terrain encompassing Rewa, Satna, Seedhi, Shahdol, and Singrauli is a melting pot of castes. Here too the BJP holds the lion's share of the 34 seats, but refusal to rid itself of incompetent MLAs pitted in multi-cornered contests may endanger the party's seat retention prospects

Sudhir K Singh

Modi’s ranking-led governance approach: Because you can’t improve what you don’t measure

Until the Modi government, India's policymakers had little idea where the projects stood internationally and how the states fared in the competition of executing the policies with one another; this is a good practice the current dispensation has begun, which will leave behind a legacy of healthy endeavour to excel

Aashish Chandorkar