While India became world's fastest growing economy under Modi, Rahul Gandhi passed no significant policy in his career

With the general elections coming up in the next few months, it is critical to know as much as possible about the candidates in order to put in an informed vote. Along with policies, the personality, leadership style and track record of a national leader also matters

Priyanka Deo

Chennai Loyola College anti-Hindu art expo was downright crass

The displays at Loyola College, Chennai were vulgar because the intention was not to illuminate but to hurt. It was cheap and crude because the idea was to provoke puerile polemics and not trigger lofty debates.

Balakumar Kuppuswamy

Mamata Banerjee's mahagathbandhan initiative the real 'sabka saath, sabka vinash'

The United India rally is being seen as merely a show of strength by Mamata Banerjee. She nurses prime ministerial ambitions and is trying to emerge as the natural choice for the regional parties.

Amitabh Tiwari

Book Review: Twisted Threads uses satire to deconstruct Indian politics

Bhavesh Kansara rivals JK Rowling in choosing wickedly witty names and acronyms like in the Harry Potter series — Chikram Vandra, Sankhya Sifar, Prakash Nakuchkar, Sitasurya Chammach, Kudratey Schuer and MEMRI (Ministry for Establishing MRIs). It will leave you in splits when you discover the real life personalities being trolled

M Pramod Kumar
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4, Jan 2019, 8:15 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi, please behave yourself

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday was seen winking childishly in Parliament again, embarrassing his party and the nation