Rahul Gandhi, do you only want the PM's post and not care about its responsibilities?

You see Mr Rahul Gandhi, as Hillary Clinton found out to her grief in 2016, just telling what a horrible person your opponent is does not work. Your challenge is only compounded considering the immense personal credibility your principal opponent enjoys

Mayur Didolkar

AIADMK leader Thambidurai quotes BR Ambedkar and appropriates Dalit sufferings

'The fact that Thambidurai, belonging to a dominant community, can claim himself to be a victim of historical wrongs is a big problem. He quotes Ambedkar and appropriates the sufferings of the Dalits. But nobody sees anything amiss in that, and that is the bigger problem,' says V Subbulakshmi

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Non-Yadav OBCs, non-Jatav Dalits hold key to success in UP Lok Sabha elections 2019

Caste plays a key role in politics in India, more so in the Hindi heartland states. A survey by The Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) and Azim Premji Institute shows that 55% of Indians are likely to prefer the candidate of their caste in elections

Amitabh Tiwari
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4, Jan 2019, 8:15 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi, please behave yourself

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday was seen winking childishly in Parliament again, embarrassing his party and the nation