Saints of India: Santa Shishunala Sharif strove to mitigate differences between religions & preached oneness

 Shishunala Sharif was a saint from Karnataka who strove hard to bury the schisms and chasms created by religious bigotry and zealotry

Chaitanyesh Rudracharya

Incredible India! Sthanumalayan Temple in Tamil Nadu has significance to both Shaivaite and Vaishnavite sects

The Sthanumalayan Temple in Suchindram, in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu is important for both Shaivaite and Vaishnavite sects of Hinduism

Team MyNation

Epitome & exemplar of indefatigability, Modi enters 20th year of public life, etches himself a name in history

As PM Modi steps into his 20th year of public service, we can’t help but be awe of his indefatigability 

Chaitanyesh Rudracharya

Rahul Gandhi is a thorn in Congress’s throne

 At a time when there is job loss everywhere, there is one vacancy that has not been filled for long. Not because there are no suitable or qualified candidates, but because of a name. The post that has been vacant is that of the Congress president

Shankar Raj
2, Mar 2020, 8:10 PM

Does Sooryavanshi on reel hit the right chord with reality?

The trailer of Sooryavanshi starring Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn released on March 2. Here is a small effort by the Just for Laughs team on MyNation to entertain you with a meme derived from the movie dialogues.

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