"My munchkin," he says. "My baby," she says. Now, these are some of the common names that lovers address each other with. But, as you travel across the globe, you'd be aghast when you hear some of the strangest names that pass off as terms of endearment. If you thought calling your beloved 'pumpkin' was weird, well you haven't seen the world yet then.

So, let's take a tour and travel across the globe to discover six bizarre names that lovers call each other. Beware, for some may not be just odd but disgusting as well.

1. French: mon chou/ma choue (mon shoo, ma shoo) - my cabbage

2. Hungarian: házisárkány (hazisharkanh) - house dragon

3. Hindi: chaand kaa tukda - piece of the moon

4. Polish: brzydalu (bzhidaloo) - ugly one

5. Brazilian Portuguese: chuchuzinho (choochoozinyo) - little chayote squash

6. Dutch: mijn poepie (mine poopy)- my fart