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Purchasing a mattress is no longer a task that can be accomplished with a cursory glance at a few products. Mattresses, materials, sizes, internal construction, and other factors to consider are numerous. If you or your partner suffer from back pain or joint stress, you should not buy a regular mattress; instead, you should invest in an orthopedic mattress for your bed.

What is an orthopedic mattress?

It is a mattress designed to provide firmer support at key points of the user’s body. It has a firmer surface that provides targeted back and joint support. They were first devised in the US in the 1950s for back and spinal pain patients in hospitals.

Today, orthopedic mattresses are prescribed for those who suffer back, shoulder, neck and major joint pain, and may be purchased from commercial retail stores online and offline. You do not need a doctor’s prescription for the mattress, but it is better to ask your doctor about the best one to buy before you initiate the purchase. There are different types of mattresses in this category, based on mattress size (single or double bed mattress), top surface material (whether a basic cotton cover or luxury mattress type), make (internal construction and width), areas of targeted firmness, etc. 

I don’t have back pain – Why should I buy an orthopedic mattress?

It is a common misconception that orthopedic mattresses may be bought and used only by those who have a medical condition or injury that causes back pain. These mattresses provide more than just back and joint support, and offer benefits such as:

* Optimum push back: ‘Push back’ in mattress terms are defined as the resistance that it offers to the user’s body weight. The higher the push back, the better the support and the firmer the mattress. However, orthopedic mattresses are not overtly firm to the point of being hard and uncomfortable. The best types of mattresses in this category are extensively tested for optimum push back before they are introduced into the market.

* Equal weight distribution: Ordinary mattresses become lumpy and lose their form over the years because they are unable to distribute the users’ weight evenly. Orthopedic mattresses do not lose shape or form, because they are designed for even weight distribution. This takes pressure off the neck, shoulders and major joints and promotes restful sleep.

* Correct your posture: The orthopedic mattress relieves stress off the spine by aligning the spine while you sleep. In turn, your posture is corrected, and you experience less back, shoulder and joint pain.

How to buy the perfect orthopedic mattress

There are many brands that sell this type of mattress, but you must know what the best one is made of and how to buy it. We’ve compiled a short buying guide for you:

 Look for mattresses that are medium in firmness

 The best sleep mattresses have a PU foam top layer quilting, a layer of soft PU foam, a high density pocket spring, and finally, anti-skid fabric. These prevent pilling, lumping, and sagging of the mattress despite regular use

 The mattress should have pocketed spring that provides central support and at least 30% better weight distribution.  This promotes better sleep

 Look for orthopedic mattresses with inbuilt mattress protectors – these keep the mattress from being stained and developing bacterial and fungal growths on the surface and inside. The protector makes the mattress water and stain-resistant

 Check the mattress’s top for a soft and breathable knitted surface. This prevents pilling of the surface despite years of use

 The mattress must be constructed to offer two differential weight distribution zones. This ensures that you are not disturbed by a shifting mattress if your partner is a restless sleeper, or vice versa

 The leading bed linen brands in India also retail a range of mattresses. See if the kind you want is available for sale. When buying a mattress online, go through the product specs to check its size (double or single size mattress), make and internal construction, what differentiates it from others in the same category, price points, etc. If you are not sure, you can ask your doctor to recommend a good brand and type of mattress

 Check if the brand delivers to your area of residence. Input your PIN code on the brand’s website to confirm delivery

 Check the brand’s returns and exchange policy before placing the order for the mattress online. Leading brands offer a free 30-nights trial before you can return the product for valid reasons. Do ensure that the mattress is not stained or damaged in any way before initiating the exchange or return.

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