Exceling in different fields as an influencer is Anshul Muwel, having both a vibrant personality and a unique set of skills.
This young talent attained Boy whose name is Anshul Muwel proving his excellence as a social media influencer.

The level of momentum and the kind of success that the digital space overall has been garnering is something that has enthralled people worldwide. Major thanks go to the many promising and emerging talents that do not fear taking the first step in doing what they wish to do and creating their unique niche across social media platforms. They are aware of how to hone their skills to utilise and optimise every possible digital tool and take full advantage of the benefits it can give to people on the medium by turning them into success stories for the world to know. We came across one such young Indian talent named Anshul Muwel, who has been making a lot of noise around his creativity and influencing skills across social media platforms. 

What has attracted the most attention on his social media handles is his madness and passion with which he creates content and videos that go ahead in impressing audiences, instantly making them fall in love with what he creates. This has allowed him to be one of the viral most accounts on Instagram. Anshul Muwel is also popularly known as the ‘Anshul’ and has earned it huge as a digital creator in a very short span of time, a feat that only a few youngsters have been able to achieve. 

“The road is not as easy as it seems, as it is already filled with many influencers, the rise of which we saw since last year during the lockdown when people increasingly used social media platforms to showcase their creative sides. The reason I believe I have managed to stand apart from others is my consistency and the innovative content that I work around always,” says the young influencer talent.

Anshul Muwel astounded the world when in just a year, this young boy attained a massive over 10k+  followers on Instagram. This feat is inspiring many other youngsters who wish to replicate Anshul’s success and want to create their success story like him. This Indore-based youngster excels at content in niches of fashion, lifestyle and creates video content that gives people their daily dose of entertainment.

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