As consumers have moved away from traditional media and spent more time on social media, trendsetters have morphed into more approachable "influencers". These modern influencers are social media stars who have built loyal followings by regularly connecting with their followers. Instagram influencers are the ideal option to look forward to if one is seeking some inspiration or wants to stay up to date on the latest trends or places to visit. People are increasingly glued to influencers' Instagram handles as they consistently fill their feeds with faultless and insightful insights, transforming them into instant celebrities thanks to their ever-growing following. One such influencer is Swapnil Pandey, who in an exclusive interview shared his take towards the industry:

Question 1: When did your journey begin in this field? Also, can you share the names of a few brands you have collaborated with in the past?

If I were to describe my journey then as an artist I have been trying hard to distinguish myself from the herd by adhering to my work ethic and ideals as I have amassed enormous fame at such a very young age. I am a UP-based influencer working in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, and travel and to be honest this was never planned as it all began during the lockdown caused due to pandemic. If I talk about my background, I ancestrally belong to Jaunpur which is located in Uttar Pradesh. It’s been a while since I have been following my heart by balancing my academics with my Instagram account. Also if I have to tell about my past collaborations with major brands such as Ponds, mCaffeine, Amazon, and others to amass more than 250 thousand Instagram followers. 

Question 2: What in your eyes can be considered as the success mantra in this industry?

Honestly speaking I don’t have any such mantra in life but I follow the quote "Don’t be afraid of the space between your reality and your dreams, if you can dream it you can have it”. Especially if we talk about our industry, it is very important to do things by going out of the box and nobody can force you to leave your comfort zone unless you are determined to do so. If you put in the effort and have a strong desire to reach your goals, you might become a fierce competitor to many influencers who are working hard to make their presence noticed among audiences. My urge to command the public's attention by standing in front of the camera leads me into the glamorous world. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, which have resulted in a great number of supporters.

Question 3: What would you like to suggest to the budding artists of the industry?

I would like to advise that nothing is impossible if you are prepared to go above and beyond and put your best foot forward in order to attain your goals. Many people have aspired to be the next Instagram sensation. In the age of social networking, however, only a select few can succeed. The driving elements behind reaching your ambitions and goals are positive thinking and hard work. Strike boldly if you actually believe you are onto something special, that your product, service, or invention can save lives, make people happy, or solve a problem. Aim to surprise and excite as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, and ride the wave of positive word-of-mouth to greater heights. Increase your influence by using the advantages that come with size. 

Question 4: Do you think Instagram plays an important role in creating prejudices and perspectives among users?

Ever since Instagram's launch a decade ago, a lot has happened in the social media industry: the photo-centric network has grown from cult status to being used by over a billion people across the world. Instagram is a great opportunity for businesses to stand out from the competition by creating distinctive visual content. It's also a great place to promote e-commerce. At least 90% of Instagram users actively follow a company account, and users have claimed that they experience less brand weariness on Instagram than on other platforms. If your company hasn't yet adopted Instagram as part of its digital marketing plan, you could be missing out on some of the platform's most exciting features.

As a forward-thinking personality, the influencer is excited to work with reputable brands and put his excellent public relations abilities to work. The artist has amassed enormous fame at such a young age, and he is trying hard to distinguish himself from the herd by adhering to his work ethic and ideals.

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