Bengaluru: Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a grinding halt. Lives have been lost, livelihoods too have become an issue of concern, as is the economic fallout. 

The period has given everyone an opportunity to introspect and right the wrong. 

However, as reported by a popular website, in Jharkhand, Christian missionaries are using this adversity as an opportunity to thrive on the business of proselytisation. 

The website claims that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which involves itself in charitable endeavours, has received complaints of an increase in conversion activities. It further adds that ever since Hemant Soren took over the reins, religious conversions have hit the peak. 

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A video has been uploaded on the website, in which the victim Ramesh delineates how he has been harassed into accepting someone else’s faith as his own. 

Ramesh recalls that a father approached him and asked him to convert as Ramesh was weak and unable to work. It is further stated that Ramesh was offered good food and money. Other than this, Ramesh says that cow meat, weighing one and a half kilograms was brought to his house and his wife was asked to cook it. 

Ramesh adds, “Only after my wife vehemently refused to indulge them did those people leave.” 

But as Ramesh converted, he did get rations, but they stopped over a period of time. 

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Now, he is desperate to convert back to his original religion of Hinduism. 

The website quoted Janardan Pandit (District minister of Jamshedpur) as saying: “Ramesh’s family belongs to a poor tribal society and they are economically very backward. Taking advantage of this situation, the Christian clergy lured Ramesh on the pretext of treatment and got him to embrace Christianity”.

It is claimed that such conversions are rampant in tribal areas and the VHP is doing its bit to stop this malaise.