Has your name become your identity now? “I really don’t know about it, but yes now some people have started recognizing it. Earlier, I was famous only in the streets, but today when I see myself on the big hoardings on the highways, I feel like a dream. I believed in myself that I will do something big, but everyone knows that everything does not happen with just faith, there is always fear somewhere in the mind, if I can't do anything, then the tag of failure will be felt forever, I also had but I never let it dominate myself and never kept any other option”.

Tell us something about your college days, how was the atmosphere around you there? “Madhya Pradesh has always been in discussion for the culture of India and if we talk about Ujjain, people come from far away to see Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga and Sidhi Vinayak Mandir. I was also born in a Brahmin family, so my childhood turned out in the service of God, father was a priest of Sidhi Vinayak Mandir, so as soon as school was over I used to sometimes share his hands with him there, I came to Indore for my graduation in Commerce, and from there I was fond of acting,  because maybe my face and height were little good friends used to joke about and called me “hero” to tease me but I never thought, I would make it my profession”.

How did you decide to move to Mumbai and what was the reaction of the family to it? “By the end of college, I had done a lot of ads for free, due to which I had a portfolio, so after learning modeling skills from the Internet, I came to know that I will get work in Mumbai, everyone at home knew that my attention was elsewhere, they had no other option but to let me go. In 2017, I moved to Mumbai and started my professional modeling career and I won “Mr. CENTRAL INDIA, ” title 2017.

After winning the Indore show, started getting calls for many shows, out of which the biggest show was “Pune Fashion Week, 2018”. For which I was made a showstopper and then it was as if the universe had started giving me everything that I deserved. Big brands wanted to work with me, I was the emerging face of companies like Raymond, Bilva, and Brazil for many international ramp shows. This was the time when I did not even have time to breathe, many days would pass by without talking to the family, sometimes it happened that the show is over and I have to go straight to the airport because the next day is an international event.

What change have you felt in your life? “Enjoying my settle life, My family is very happy as if their cheap son is being bid for lakhs in the market every day. I was a student of commerce, so I knew how to use money, that is why many links were created in Dubai during the shows, with the help of which I have established my own business in Dubai itself, We are Digital creators who groom the models for their upcoming projects, events and they charge us when they start earning on their own, Through which today we have lists of models and agencies who work with us.

Want to give some surprise to your loved ones? “Just a few days back I have signed “Team Ustad ji Production” of Punjab, with whom my new video album is about to be launched in which Bhumika Sharma Ji will be seen in female lead with me, and I request my loved ones to love me like they have loved me till date, keep doing it even further.

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