From pakoras to dahi vadas, a variety of Indian delicacies are prepared by deep frying them. They may taste delicious, but the excess oil can be unhealthy for your body. Many people use paper napkins to absorb excess oil. However, today, we have brought an easy trick that will help you remove excess oil from fried food. An Instagram video of a kitchen hack is going viral, and people are in awe of the simple trick. Let’s read about it. 

The kitchen hack has been posted by the Instagram handle 'iamanamikatiwari.' You can watch the original post here.

Instagram user demonstrates how to extract oil from fried vadas using a lemon squeezer.

  • Simply place a fried vada in the squeezer, hold it in your hand, and press it like a lemon to remove excess oil.
  • The oil will drip back into the pan for reuse.
  • By repeating this process for all the vadas, you can enjoy dahi vadas with less oil content.

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Thousands of people are loving this kitchen hack. Many have praised the simplicity and effectiveness of this kitchen remedy, while others plan to try it themselves in the future. 

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One user commended the resourcefulness and ingenuity, referring to this hack as a ‘Jugaad.’ Some users are also curious whether this method can be applied to remove oil from foods like puri and kachori.

Any small food item that fits into the lemon squeezer can be pressed to extract excess oil.

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