It is normal to struggle with breaking the habit of overeating and consuming fried foods in the beginning of your weight loss journey. However, it is crucial to change your diet and engage in physical activity if you really want to shed some pounds. Today, let’s explore some non-fried snack options that are both delicious and healthy.  

Chana Chaat

Stop consuming parathas with tea in mornings and instead opt for chana chaat. Soak the chana (grams) over night and add some vegetables and spices before eating it in for breakfast. You can also lightly boil the grams in water. Grams are high in protein, which can help you feel full for longer periods and contribute to weight loss. 

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Sprout Chaat

Sprout chaat is another healthy option to include in your daily diet. Sprouted lentils and grams are packed with nutrients. Sprouts are considered a balanced diet as they contain fibre, protein, and minerals. They taste delightful while helping you shed some kilos. 


Having idli for breakfast not only provides a fresh taste but also offers numerous health benefits. Low-calorie idlis are prepared by fermenting the batter. Pairing them with coconut chutney can enhance its effectiveness for weight loss. Moreover, they are non-fried and can easily be consumed daily with no worries. 

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Poha is both delicious and a healthy snack option. It is easy to make and takes about ten minutes to prepare at home. There are also a variety of recipes available for making poha. You can also consider adding peanuts to poha for more benefits. 

Fruit Salads

Your daily diet plays a crucial role in weight management. Eating fried snacks and junk food on a regular basis can deteriorate your health. For weight loss, it is vital to include fruits in your diet. Prepare fruit salad using at least two-four varieties of fruits. Low-calorie fruits are rich in fibre, aiding in digestion and promoting stomach health.