A truly ambitious and industrious boy, Mayank Malik has achieved success at a very young age. He is a successful model with a high profile. Being self-made and confident, he has established his name across the country. He is one of the most appreciated and well-known people and is the Director of DIEGO EVENT - A Delhi Based Event Company. As a Model, he had worked in some great music videos like Yaari Song, which came under Speed Records and Dard Song that came under Jass Records. These two are the most renowned Music label company. Mayank has starred as a Model.

The 20-year-old is very much hardworking and dedicated. He started his own firm in 2017,DIEGO EVENT MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED - one of the most dedicated and promise-keeping Event Management company in Delhi. Over these two years he has organised inexhaustible and one of the most memorable events of either College , University or Private level events with varieties of Bollywood and Punjabi stars being handled under him.His passion and perseverance has helped him reach his destination. His a very passionate and goal oriented professional. 

His down to earth character has been an add on to his success. He is extremely humble and generous and believes that responsibility comes along with fame.His motto remains to help anyone and everyone in need when needed.Mayank has immense faith in god and believes that his never give up attitude had helped him pave his path towards success. He aims to reach greater heights and his diligent nature is sure to help him achieve it sooner.