Likee, the pioneering global short video creation platform from Singapore based BIGO Technology announced the launch of Parental Controls feature in the app, across mobile platforms. This move will enable parents to apply relevant controls to filter content for underage teen Likee users. As Likee is experiencing massive growth in India, the platform has developed a sharp focus to provide relevant and positive content to its audience and promote a safe user experience, especially for the underage teens. This move, coupled with Likee's push to promote positive content by creating relevant virtual events (#IAMINDIAN) will enable the platform to emerge as the most significant positive media-centric social media app.

  How to enable Parental Controls in Likee?

- Open Settings 

-Tap on Parental Controls

- Tap on 'Enable Parental Controls'

- A screen will pop up to set a password; Set the password and confirm the password to enable the Parental Controls

 Parental Controls function has restrictions on the following:

  • Block live-streaming videos and news pushing.

  • Block viewing of profiles and subscription of users located nearby.

  • Users who has turned into Parental Controls mode will not be searched by others. 

  • Block incoming and outgoing messages.

  • Block pop-up messages so as not to attract the attention of the child.

  • Limit the purchase of the application’s internal currency - diamonds and beans.

The complete process of applying and disabling parental controls is protected by password, which is required to be changed in every seven days to ensure complete safety. Once enabled, Parental Controls will allow the user to explore and upload restricted content. The controls will alter user experience within each section available in the app. 

Used by millions of young Indians Likee is one of the most popular mobile apps in India. Launched in 2017, Likee has topped various app store charts and has created various milestones with its popular virtual events and #challenges. Likee's#IAMINDIAN campaign on the 73rd Independence Day of India had also won the Guinness World Record for creating the 'Largest online video album of people waving a flag in India'. Other initiatives by the platform such as #Likeedreamshave been established to support the underprivileged talented youth of the nation. As a platform, Likee's constant endeavour is to encourage young Indians to utilize the platform to achieve their life goals and to inspire others positively. As a platform, Likee is taking all necessary steps to ensure safe usage of its platform and to create a positive impact.