Malicious Apps under HiddAd and Adware category will be removed soon from Google Play. Here is why.

Google has discovered 29 malicious sites on its Play Store that are malicious and have a collective download of more than 10 million.
These 24 Apps are divided into two categories - HiddAd and Adware. 

Out of the total number of Apps to be removed, 24 fall under HiddAd.

The sites in HiddAd hides the icon after first launch and then creates a shortcut on home screen. These Apps remain hidden and users will not be able to uninstall them.

Rest of the Apps to be removed fall under Adware category. 

These sites enter the Android phone through advertisements. Once installed (unintentionally), you will receive multiple advertisements while watching YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

By overpowering the phone with advertisements, these apps affect the battery life of the mobile phone and cause heavy data usage and there is a loss of productivity and the phone fails to perform with speed.