The mobile phone has become an essential component of our lives in the modern-day. Just like we safeguard the parts of our bodies from injury, we must similarly protect our phones from damage. Nothing is more upsetting than seeing your phone develop scratches or a shattered screen in the worst-case scenario. We've included some suggestions below on how to safeguard it from harm effectively. 

Protect Your Screen with a Screen Protector

The phone's display is the most critical component. Additionally, it is the most sensitive and costly component in the handset. A small drop, improper handling, or simple negligence will result in the screen cracking or shattering. Additionally, a cracked or broken display is unappealing and can cause malfunction.

To prevent this, a screen protector, such as tempered glass, is suggested. This will shield the display from damages and also provide a layer of protection to the display.
The first item you should get for your phone is a screen protector.

Invest in a high-quality case

In today's fast-paced and multitasking world, you’ll likely drop your phone and damage it on occasion. To prevent this kind of incident entirely, it is highly recommended that you use a phone cover. This provides the best physical protection for your smartphone. It is not essential to purchase an expensive branded case; a high-quality non-branded case will serve and provide the same level of protection.

StarApp's online shop sells a high-quality iPhone 12 Pro Cover. The online shop sells various covers for the newest iPhone models, including the iPhone 12 Cover. You can purchase these covers at a very reasonable price, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.


When carrying the phone in your pocket, avoid having coins or any other sharp objects in the same pocket since this may scratch or harm the display screen.

Additionally, avoid putting your phone in the back pocket of your tight pants since this increases the likelihood that your phone may bend or break when you try to sit. Wherever you put your handset, keep it out of reach of toddlers and children in your house; they will probably attempt to grab it and clumsily drop it, resulting in damage.

If you lack the willpower to deny your children their phones, kindly get them some old functioning phones filled with games and cartoons to prevent regret later.

Make the Device Waterproof

Water is notorious for wreaking havoc on electrical gadgets. This may occur as a result of rain or your device being wet when swimming or at the beach. Even sweat has an effect on your phone, which is why it is essential to waterproof your gadget to avoid incurring additional costs. This requires the usage of a waterproof case for your phone. This is readily accessible at any local cell phone shop in your region, or you can buy it online from StarApp as well. You should only get it if your phone is not waterproof.

Maintain a Firm Grip

The most frequent cause for phones to fall from your hand is the way you handle the smartphone or tablet. As a result, it is critical to have a firm hold on the device. How you grab your device is essential to preventing it from dropping. Even if your phone is broken or dropped, you can learn how to fix it by purchasing our mobile phone repair book.

Avoid leaving it unsupervised

Often, we are careless and leave our gadgets in unsafe locations. Always keep your phone in a secure place. If it is stored in an area where it is accessible to children or dogs, ensure that it is visible to you to prevent regret later.

Give your phone to youngsters only if they are old enough to handle it with care, mainly if the data on it is critical.

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