Vaibhav is a well-known Growth Hacker and Marketer, but since his childhood, he had a love for Robotics and Dancing. But he was never great at education. Like most Indian parents, his mother was the love of his life, and his father was a strict man. 

But, everything changed for him in his 4th Grade when his mother passed away. His grades got worse in his 10th Grade when he got less than 30% in his Pre Board exams. But surprisingly, his father was not angry and gave him an option to quit education and said he would open an Internet Shop that Vaibhav could run. 

But he took it up as a challenge and decided to give a final try, and scored 77% in his ICSE Boards. After completing his 12th Grade, like every other Indian kid, Vaibhav only had one option to go for, "Engineering." In college, he started a blog called "Discovering Android" and got more than 100,000 visits a month in just three months from Google, which got banned after a while because he was teaching How to Exploit the Platform.

Then he decided to start "Crazy Heads," which went on to become an Award-Winning Digital Media Agency. But as they were new to the market, no one knew them. So, they decided to organize the biggest ethical hacking workshop in the city. Despite getting a lot of PR, he didn't get any clients, So, Vaibhav started to work for free for six months for his clients and built trust. And after that, the business and clients started rolling. "Crazy Heads" clocked 1 Crore revenue and worked with over 100 clients. But college was done, he got bored with Crazy Heads and wanted to do something new. 

This was when his friend was applying for Uber, and he also applied with her. She didn't get the call, but he did. After a round of interviews, he joined them as a City Co-ordinators. Later at 23, he was promoted to Marketing Manager at Uber. But after Uber became a Giant, Vaibhav got bored again and wanted another challenge.

He got many offers from tech giants from the US & Singapore, but he didn't go for them. He joined a small startup named "Klook" because he wanted to help them scale just like he did with Uber. Headed Marketing for Klook India and ME and, with his efficient team, scaled the India Business from 16M to 24M in just four months.