The Internet of Things (IoT) is an exciting technology that allows devices to interact directly with each other, make joint decisions and exchange data between devices without any involvement of the cloud or servers. In fact, IoT is perhaps the fastest-growing technological development that carries a lot of promises for businesses. On the other hand, both large and small businesses love the productivity efficiency provided by robotics automation. Moreover, Robotics Technology is more advantageous than conventional automation, especially for the manufacturing and processing industry. To keep up with this growing demand for smart technology-driven products in the market, entrepreneur Chintan Sareen came up with the idea of Shunya Ekai Technologies, a tech company focused on developing Robotics and IoT (RIoT) products for both industrial and regular use.

The company offers organizations and individuals custom RIoT development services and manufacturing support so that they can get the best out of these disruptive technologies. In fact, in an era when data is considered to be the new oil, IoT, robotics and AI-based products hold endless possibilities to create a new and smart world. Looking at the rapid development in the industry, Shunya Ekai Technologies is planning to launch an education institution where industry experts will train and upskill people in robotics and IoT so that they can be market-ready.

Chintan Sareen is a multi-talented entrepreneur who likes to portray himself as “Jack of many, Master of Some.” He shares more than 15 years of a long association with the films, design and technology industry where he had extensive work experience in developing technology products. In fact, he specializes in developing meaningful and innovative technology products for multiple industrial sectors including last-mile logistics, freight, recycling, skill training, e-learning, utility services and on-demand entertainment platforms to name a few. Riding on his elaborate industry experience and market knowledge, Chintan started his journey in the Indian startup ecosystem in the year of 2014. He is the co-founder of 4 startups and associated with 6 startups as a partner. Investor or board member. He also provides guidance to many early-stage startups to help them reach their highest potential.

Fast forward to 2020, Chintan's involvement with innovative and emerging technologies in the early days of his career inspired him to lay the foundation of Shunya Ekai Technologies, a company that holds expertise in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-focused IoT and robotics products. In the modern marketplace, businesses are continuously looking for innovative technologies to maximize their business efficiency and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. IoT technology devices can facilitate a wide range of actions in both everyday life and business, thanks to their interconnectedness. Therefore, IoT has become a part of many workplaces for the sake of business operations optimization. On the other hand, both companies and individuals are also recognizing the multi-faceted advantages of robotics automation in their commercial and residential facilities. Leveraging robotics automation, manufacturing units can effectively reduce operational costs and improve product quality and consistency. It also provides a sense of flexibility and functionality to both business and ordinary life operations. Shunya Ekai Technologies IoT devices and autonomous mobility bots to automate business operations and solve challenges across various industrial domains.

Sharing his vision behind his company Shunya Ekai Technologies, company Founder Chintan Sareen says, “In today’s era of technological advancement, businesses are eager to take advantage of emerging technologies to achieve their desired efficiency in business operations. The sheer volume of new demand for IoT-enabled devices and bots can be overwhelming for traditional application developers. Shunya Ekai Technologies was born out of this urgency to counter this growing issue. Shunya Ekai Technologies enables individuals and businesses in smart decision making and easy day-to-day task execution, leveraging the power of automation. With our RIoT products, our aim is to provide better development solutions to our customers.”

Apart from the business application, Chintan further adds, “Robotics and IoT technology can significantly impact people’s living qualities in their homes. IoT-based automation bots can automatically improve the functionality of any home. From health monitoring to indoor security monitoring to indoor environmental monitoring to remote real-time communication, these smart products can easily make a home smart. Shunya Ekai Technology is making moves to bring IoT and robotics products to every household so that homeowners can enhance their living standards.”    

Chintan spent the initial 8 years of his career teaching animation and visual effects. The creative zeal in him has led him to head various political campaigns as a creative and strategic partner. Now, he is dedicated to designing new-age RIOT products combining his creativity and technological acumen. Shunya Ekai Technologies has already proven its potential in solving problems for various industries and, under Chintan’s leadership, the company seeks to emerge as the pioneer of India’s IoT and robotics products industry.    

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