Everyone needs a lot of love and encouragement every day, and historically, humans have turned to the written word to fulfill this basic need. And why not, it is a well-known fact that when things get hard, a heartfelt quote or an inspirational piece of literature can give you the courage and motivation to face the hardships of life in a better way. 
When Jainender Jindal decided to start his Facebook page, Typewriters Voice, this was his defining principle. Started in 2017, this community is focused on expressing the hardships of everyday life and the dark human feelings that each of us get now and then in beautiful words. It gives voice to the universal experiences of humankind, bringing people together in a way that has never being done in the Indian Social media scene before. 
The reach and impact of Typewriters Voice can be understood from the fact that within three years of its launch, the page has gained more than 12 million followers. Started by Jainender Jindal, a simple man who hailed from a small town, Bathinda, in Punjab - Typewriters Voice has grown to become an online community that encourages people to do and be better. 
Jainender Jindal faced a lot of problems when he was first starting the page. Initial growth was difficult to come and there were many points when he felt completely demotivated. But he did not let the slow growth of his platform keep him down for long. He understood that consistency, quality, and relatability are the most important factors. Even when his page was not as big, he was already committing a lot more time to this community, looking for relatable quotes and picture quotes that would inspire and fuel his audience in difficult times. 
Once the page hit 100K followers, Jainender Jindal are getting giving most of his time to creating find curating content for the page. Now this community he is his sole focus and he truly understands the impact of the page on his followers. He receives thousands of messages on a daily basis from people, all of them sharing their issues and problems and revealing how Typewriters Voice has helped them. 
Jainender Jindal also understands that he now has a responsibility towards his audience. He wants to create togethers and belongingness through storytelling on his page. He also understands that the organic growth of Typewriters Voice is a result of consistency and quality. He believed that the main driving force for growth on social media in current times is quality about everything else. 
He has enough confidence in the content of Typewriters Voice that he does not feel the need to invest in advertisements. Here's hoping that this unique page continues to touch millions of hearts and continue improving their life.