Kannur: Almost ten people from Kannur district in Kerala are reported to have left the country to join the terrorist organisation ISIS. Nine from two families in Azhikode and one man from Kuruva in Kannur have reportedly left the country to join ISIS.

It is identified that Sajid, his wife and two children, and Anwar, along with his wife and three children are among the ones who left the country.

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It is also reported that Anwar’s wife Afseela was the sister-in-law of Shameer, an ISIS member who was killed earlier. Police say that both the families had left the state on the pretext of going to Mysuru in Karnataka on November 20. However, doubts arose when they did not return. 

Police found that they have left the country.

As per sources, they may have been killed in the US missile strikes at terrorist centres in Syria or Afghanistan. Majority of ISIS centres in Syria and Iraq have been destroyed in the attacks. Following that, the terrorist group now functions in Afghanistan.

The investigation agencies obtained information that they reached UAE and later left from there. The police now suspect that they must have reached Afghanistan to join ISIS. Earlier too, there were reports of around four people, who left for Afghanistan to join the ISIS last year. There is no information about them being alive now. 

In July 2016, 21 persons had left Kerala to join the ISIS. These 21 persons hail from a place that is just 50 km from where the current ten persons have left. At least four of the 21 have been reportedly killed in the ISIS fight with the US forces. It is also reported that some of these family members were recently converted to Islam from Hinduism and Christianity.