Malappuram:  Muslim Youth League  (MYL) state general secretary PK Firos made a political blunder during his speech in Malappuram district, Kerala. Firos, in his speech, said Mahatma Gandhi is Rahul Gandhi's great-grandfather.

Firos said, "Whom do we have other than Rahul Gandhi to overthrow Narendra Modi? Whom should we support other than Rahul Gandhi, who grew up hearing about his great-grandfather Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination by RSS activists? When his father was killed in Coimbatore, there was a boy who stood near the coffin with tears, and that was Rahul Gandhi.”

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This speech allowed people to troll him on social media. Now, Firos has openly accepted his mistake in his speech in Malappuram Youth League Movement. Now, through his Facebook post, Firos pointed out that he made three errors and not one.

"The second mistake was regarding Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination where I said Coimbatore instead of Perumpathur. Then I mentioned the name Narayanan instead of Shankara Narayanan, who was the accused in the murder of Seythali, an SFI martyr. This person then changed his name to Babu M Palissery, who later became a CPI(M) MLA. The critics avoided the third mistake deliberately, as they might have thought that it might become a topic of discussion," Firos wrote on Facebook.

Firos earlier revealed that he had several pieces of evidence, which prove that the nepotism allegations raised against minister KT Jaleel of Communist Party of India (Marxist) are true.  

Firos alleged that the minister’s relative Adeeb was appointed an undersecretary of the finance department and SBI regional manager. He also said that all other officials except Adeeb are government staff, which gives further evidence to the allegation.

Following this, Firos was praised then by the opposition party. As per the latest news, his speech has annoyed them considerably.  Well, who would want to be a victim of trolls?