New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written a letter to congratulate the couple whose Rafale-themed wedding card went viral on social media.

"Heartiest Congratulations to Pokharna family on the joyous occasion of the marriage of Yuvraj and Sakshi. I noticed a unique feature of the marriage invitation card sent to the guests. The ingenuity of its content reflects your abiding concern and love for the nation. This also inspires me to keep working harder for our country," read the letter sent by PM Modi.

The Surat-based couple — Yuvraj Pokharna and Sakshi Agrawal, who are going to get married on January 22 at Silvassa in Dadra and Nagar Haveli — dedicated an entire page of their wedding card to explaining what they called "Rafale truths".

The card carried the BJP symbol and a request: "Our gift would be whatsoever you may wish to contribute towards BJP via NaMo app” and vote for the party in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

“What better gift that monetary contribution to the party that I love so much?” said Pokharna while speaking exclusively to MyNation. What was interesting is that the colour of the wedding card has a saffron tinge as well.

The second page, which generally accommodates further details of the bride and groom's families, the timing of reception or map of the venue, had nine crisp points on the Rafale deal. It had a unique but trendy headline “Keep calm and trust NAMO”.

"I picked up Rafale and brought out the simplest and most basic points which can be ingested by the simplest of individuals," says Pokharna. "We needed to spread the truth and call out the bluff of the Opposition, especially Rahul Gandhi," he added.