Amrutha Varshini was promised monetary help by Telangana government after the brutal murder of her husband Pranay (victim of honour killing) on September 14. But as soon as the announcement was made, Amrutha was trolled on social media and here is her befitting reply.

Amrutha rejected help from the State government. Instead, she has said that the only help she needs is getting everyone involved in the murder of Pranay punished to get justice for her lost husband.

The netizens did not even wait for Amrutha's response to the government's offer, but jumped to insult and target her questioning her eligibility. But Amrutha, who is pregnant with Pranay's child, has said that she has financial help for survival and all she needs is to bring the culprits to book, including her own father Maruthi Rao, who is the key accused in this case.

The Telangana government had promised her a government job, a two-bedroom house, Rs 8.25 lakh cash and a 5-acre land in her name.

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This statement was trolled heavily by the netizens, who asked what made Amrutha deserve this from the State government.

When the trolls did not stop at her reply, Amrutha informed media that she would complain to cyber crime if she found any derogatory comments or abuses on social media. She also clarified that she did not ask for any help from the government or approach any MLA in this regard. She doesn't need MLA ticket, but justice  for Pranay. 

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