The murder of Perumalla Pranay is getting darker with more details coming out following the arrest of seven people. The honour killing was allegedly commissioned by Pranay's father-in-law. Pranay was killed in front of Amrutha and she has alleged that her family is involved in it.

Thus after a brief intense probe, seven accused T Maruthi Rao (Amrutha's father), Subash Sharma from Bihar, Asghar Ali, Mohammed Abdul Bari, Abdul Kareem, transport operator and local Congress leader, T Shravan brother of Maruthi Rao, and Samudrala Shiva, driver of Maruthi Rao, have been arrested by the Miryalaguda Police.

The probe has revealed that in the beginning, the group demanded Rs 2.5 crore for killing Pranay and then it was negotiated to Rs 1 crore. The family had paid Rs 15 lakh as advance.

The man, who attacked Pranay with machete, has been identified as Subhash Sharma. He was arrested in Bihar and brought to Hyderabad. Sharma is an accused connected with the murder of Gujarat politician Haren Pandya in 2003.

Maruthi Rao came in contact with Kareem in 2011 regarding a land issue. So, Maruthi confided in Kareem about his plan to kill Pranay. Kareem got Bari and Asghar Ali involved in it and a plan was hatched in July first week.


The team along with other helpers tried to kill Pranay on August 9, but as the victim was with his relatives and accused couldn't single him out, the plan was postponed. The second try was made on September 1, but as the henchmen were drunk, they abandoned the plan. September 14, they executed the plan successfully.

Pranay, a Dalit Christian boy, fell in love with Amrutha from a Hindu family. Their love reportedly blossomed since their school days. Despite opposition from parents, they eloped. They came back after a year, got deceived in the guise of getting accepted by the families only to become victims.

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