As the Congress took a stance against the Sabarimala verdict along with the Hindu devotees, young party MLA VT Balram expressed his support to Sabarimala verdict and he specifically added that it’s completely his personal viewpoint. He said that Congress does not have anything to do with people, who are protesting in Sabarimala with aggressive religious outlook. And Congress is not responsible for any of those incidents occurred in Sabarimala, he added.

“Retaining my personal view that women entry should be allowed in Sabarimala, I understand Congress’s democratic responsibility of taking a stance after considering the feelings of a large section of the society, who are devotees,” Balram said, adding, “There’s also a need to expose the Sangh Parivar and the government for using this as an opportunity to communally tear apart secular Kerala using provocations and stubbornness.” Balram posted this on his Facebook account on Friday.

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The MLA also made his point that the Congress leaders must ensure that those who participate in channel discussions and public debates on the issue should have the fundamental knowledge about the Congress party's ideological legacy.

The Congress has recently changed its stance on Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala and even set up the protest at Nilakkal and Pamba when the temple opened for monthly puja. Firstly, the party officially welcomed the Supreme Court verdict by saying that the outdated customs against equality has to be changed for the well-being of the future generation.

Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan also mentioned in a public meeting that the Congress party’s alliance with the BJP in the state would be 'suicidal ' for them.

The MLA used to be very active during social media interactions addressing social issues with the public. Balram has posted his response towards the Sabarimala verdict on Facebook and ended it with a statement, “Please remember, Rahul Gandhi, not Rahul Easwar is our party’s leader.”