Kannur: BJP president Amit Shah who is in Kannur on Saturday to inaugurate the party’s new district office, while addressing a rally said more than 2,000 activists and workers from BJP, RSS and other religious organisations have been arrested. BJP condemns these attacks and stands like a rock with devotees.

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Here are 10 major points he said during the rally

  • The deity at Sabarimala is a Brahmachari (celibate) and therefore women of a certain age aren't allowed. There are many temples in India which are exclusively for women and men aren't allowed. No man tries to enter.
  • The Left government is warned, BJP activists will shake up the state government. The entire nation is against the state government.
  • Kerala govt used brute forces against the devotees.
  • I also ask even courts not to impose verdicts that are not practical. How can you sacrifice belief of over 5 crore devotees? Hindus never discriminated against women. In all festivals, wife sits and takes part with the man.
  • In the name of the court judgment, those who want to incite violence let me tell you that there are many temples which run on different rules and norms.
  • Even women devotees don't want to enter the temple.
  • The state government is interfering with Lord Ayyappa.
  • The situation within the state is that of an emergency. It seems the last Left government will not last for long if the situation continued like this.
  • It is sad the government fails to see writing on the wall. Now they are filling jails with devotees. How can they arrest devotees who chant hymns.
  • This is an important day for BJP workers of all country. We built a beautiful memorial for hundreds of party workers who sacrificed their lives. Your sacrifice won’t go wasted.