Nidhi Mayurika, who aims to be a cosmologist in the future,  has been participating in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest and has been winning the first prize for three years consistently.

Nidhi always used to take part in science competitions held at the school level. Seeing her interest, her school principal told her about the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest (ASSC).

Before even before entering her teenage days, she designed a three-layered colony in space. “Saikatam is a three-layered space colony for human settlement at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point. It is a space colony for humans to survive, evolve and self-sustain. The space colony is akin to Earth with life gases, artificial gravity, water, and food,” she explained.

Nidhi's dedication and passion for cosmology have helped her achieve what she has always dreamt of. He dedication is commendable and an inspiration for all of us to take up something that challenges the mind.