A heart-warming video, which has been widely circulated on Chinese social media platforms shows a small bird stepping in front of a tractor, with her wings outstretched in an attempt to stop the vehicle from moving towards her eggs.

One does need to see it to believe it.

The driver stopped the vehicle and placed a bottle of water in front of the bird as it was too hot.

According to the TV network CGTN, the video featuring a small brown bird was shot in China's Ulanqab city.

The video received many comments, likes and was re-shared by netizens.

“Brave little mom bird" wrote one person in the comments section

"That's so heartfelt," commented another on Twitter. "This is more than wonderful," added a user.

"Amazing! The communication is by action, extending both wings as a stop sign is understandable for both parties," another netizen stated.

"Hats off to you Mother Bird. 🤗....Only a mother can go any lengths to take care of her offsprings" one commented.

Watch the video below: