New Delhi: Celebrating India's retaliatory action against terror outfits, restaurants are offering discounts for Surgical Strike 2.0. 

Quick service restaurant Burger Singh, known for their gourmet burgers, has jumped on the surgical strike bandwagon again. The restaurant is offering a 20% discount on all orders on using the code...wait for it...FPAKAGAIN.  However, this is not the first time the restaurant celebrated India's defence might. They offered discounts during the surgical strike in retaliation to the Uri terror attack. 

They even shared it the message on their Twitter handle along with a savage clip featuring Samuel L. Jackson from the Quentin Tarantino cult movie Pulp Fiction


The Gurgaon-based restaurant, backed by television actor Rannvijay Singh, was openly mocked on social media over the message. While some loved the clever marketing others found it a tad cringe-worthy. They are not alone either. In 2016, Mobikwik also jumped on the surgical strike discount bandwagon and quickly withdrew after the backlash.

Despite the criticism, Burger Singh has done it again, mostly because of their clarification in 2016 reading - "Why is it insensitive to celebrate action against terror? We would further like to establish that we support the government's decisive and prompt action to preserve the honour of our armed forces and the dignity of our country. We are AGAINST terrorism and love our nation."

However, the fact remains that the nation is in a mood to celebrate and one netizen found the perfect way to do so. A screenshot of a Swiggy order by a Delhi-based netizen has been doing the rounds. The man claimed to order rasgullas for the Prime Minister's office and his gesture has left everyone in splits or just really touched. 

We wonder what the recipients of the 50 rasgullas at the PMO have to say about the surprise delivery. 

So, how are you planning to celebrate the Pulwama revenge?