Pranayama is practiced worldwide and is considered beneficial in many ways. Practicing pranayama regularly can change your life for the better, say yoga enthusiasts. It is used by sportspersons, yogis, self-help gurus and is highly recommended by many doctors, psychologists and of course, the ones who have reaped the benefits of its various breathing exercises. It is not only used to improve breathing but also for growth in perspective, stronger body-mental-emotional immunity.

Pranayama occupies a central position in the yogic system. Many medical practitioners have admitted that the the practice benefits the mind and the body.

According to research, benefits of practicing pranayama regularly are:

It improves concentration

It improves longevity

It helps in building self-confidence

It regulates blood pressure

It strengthens physical immunity

It removes toxins from the body

It builds emotional strength

It helps in preventing chronic inflammation that has been associated with such diseases as Alzheimer’s, depression, cancer, etc, thus, preventing chronic illness.

It makes the skin glow

It regulates heart rate

It cures digestive problems

It helps in relaxing body and mind

It inculcates awareness

It relaxes the nervous system 

It releases anxiety

It helps in increasing energy, stamina and helps one improve the sense of well-being and happiness.

These are some of the benefits of practicing pranayama regularly. We all live in a world where we are vulnerable to stress, illness and lethargy. But practicing pranayama can make a huge difference in a person's life. 5-minute breathing exercises is good for starters.