Platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatment for hair refers to the administration of platelet-rich plasma into the scalp to trigger natural hair growth. Cosmetic surgeons performing hair transplant procedures recommend PRP treatment to patients who seek result-oriented treatment for their hair fall and balding issues.

Dr Manas S N, a leading hair transplant surgeon and founder of the Reniu Clinic, Mysore, states PRP is an safe treatment as the patient’s blood is drawn, processed and injected into the scalp for restoring hair. It is possible to combine PRP with other hair restoration procedures to improve the treatment results. I have found PRP treatment to be a reliable treatment with decent results.’

Dr Manas shares more insights on the PRP therapy for the readers. The PRP procedure is a simple three-stage procedure. First, the surgeon will withdraw some blood from the patient’s arm and process it in a centrifuge for about 10 minutes. Platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells will be separated through this process. The doctor will then inject the platelet-rich plasma into the patient’s scalp. 

Responding to queries about what PRP is, he states that PRP contains many growth factors and proteins that speed up the tissue repair and hence the healing occurs faster. This treatment has been in use since the 1980s for treating injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. In addition, PRP in hair treatment is likely to trigger the growth of natural hair and increase the blood supply to the hair follicle leading to an increase in the thickness of the hair shaft. Along with PRP injections, the surgeon can recommend hair growth medicines and/or hair loss procedures. 

The patient may require multiple sessions of PRP therapy, which can be scheduled at an interval of 3 – 6 weeks. The number of settings required depends upon the hair loss condition of the patient and the cost of treatment. However, it is a safe and simple procedure, and the patient can resume normal activities after the PRP session. 

Before going ahead with the PRP session, the surgeon would require details of the health and presence of medical conditions or chronic conditions. Also, the surgeon will advise the patient to stop consuming blood thinners, tobacco and alcohol a few days before the session for better outcomes. 

If feasible, the surgeon will suggest PRP sessions after the hair transplant to ensure better hair growth. It is known that PRP promotes and enhances tissue repair and hair, which is needed after a hair transplant procedure. In addition, PRP effectively maintains the viability of implanted hair follicles and stabilises them after implantation. Also, it stimulates inactive hair follicles for growth. 

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