Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul, CEO of Dr. Paul’s Group of Companies has come a long way since the year 2000 when he started off as a professional to becoming an iconic business person with a diversified entity and global presence. 

“Dr. Paul’s Group” - How has the journey been?
To be honest the journey has not been easy but one thing led to the other. I have always believed that if you have the fire in your belly, and you know that the sky is the limit then you can achieve all your dreams. Yes, today we have diversified in to eleven different verticals, from aesthetic clinics to pharmaceutical chain; Medicine World, ayurvedic beauty range; Nature Cures, beauty training academy, Institute of Wellness Science and Lifestyle Management, boutique bakery; Yummyy Tummy, real estate; Sai Realtors and so on having branches across the globe.
Tell us something about your new venture in Singapore.

The project in Singapore is very close to my heart. I have always advocated for a healthy lifestyle and that can only be achieved if you eat healthy. We are coming up with a chain of health food cafeterias, where every dish will be of nutritious value, gluten free, calorie measuredand using organic ingredients only. So the idea is to promote healthy eating and pleasing your taste buds too in the process.

How did it feel to receive the Young Entrepreneur Award?
It certainly is very encouraging. I feel humbled and it’s an impetus to create newer milestones in the days to come.

What is your fitness mantra?
Whichever part of the world I am in; I do not miss out on my one hour of workouts every day. That keeps me going and yes, of course, having the right diet; though I am a foodie! (Laughs)

What is your message for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Dream big and listen to your heart. If you are successful, nothing like it, however, if you fail; you can at least say that you gave it your best shot; maybe next time!