Kochi: Following sexual harassment allegations levelled against him, artist and co-founder of Kochi Biennale Foundation, Riyas Komu has stepped down from his managerial duties.

A statement from the organisers read, "The Managing of Committee of the Kochi Biennale Foundation met on October 19, 2018 to discuss the allegation raised in the media against Riyas Komu. Though the Foundation has received no formal complaint, we are collectively committed to ensuring zero tolerance to any harassment or misconduct and have decided to constitute a committee to inquire into this matter. Riyas Komu has stepped down from all his management positions connected to the Biennale till the matter is resolved. The Kochi Biennale Foundation is responsible for the safety and security of its community and will take all measures to ensure this as we work together in making the Biennale."

An anonymous Instagram user posted images of meticulously detailed and typewritten notes of the sexual harassment allegations. The woman alleged that Komu touched her inappropriately at the restaurant, even though she told him she was meeting him only for work.  

The Instagram account has been posting details of such harassment in the world of art. 


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Komu, himself, also posted an apology on his Instagram account saying, "In response to an allegation raised against me on an Instagram on 16 October 2018, I would like to state the following: I’m deeply upset that this incident has been understood and presented in this manner. However, as the person has expressed hurt, I would like here to offer my apologies and I am opening myself to the possibility of a conversation.”


My response to allegations against me.

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