For a healthy and happy relationship after your wedding, never let your husband in on these secrets

1. Revealing past relationship: I miss my ex-boyfriend
Whenever your husband asks about your past love life, always avoid talking about it. Never compare your husband with your ex-boyfriend, your husband might start overthinking about it and get jealous, suspicious and will start doubting you about everything. If your husband gets to know about your ex, he will start doubting to an extent that he might start stopping you from going out or might follow you and more importantly it will create problems in your present life.

2. Never pretend that you love his parents
The first thing the girl has to adjust to in a marriage is her in-laws and at times you never get along with them. Be truthful, loyal. It's better to say the truth than to lie. If in case you pretend to love his parents and care for them, then he would expect you to always be with them or love them. So it's better if you tell him the truth or just stay quiet.

3.Regretting giving up career
In India, most girls give up their career after their marriage because they want to focus on their marital life or it's the husband who demands them to leave their job. Never expect your husband to help you in household chores, it might create indifference. Never reveal to your husband that you regret leaving your career for him because he might create negative assumptions which may lead to problems.

4.Never argue that he takes his mother's side

Never argue saying he takes his mother's side, even if you’re completely right and she is wrong. Then the situation gets worse if he is a ‘momma’s boy’. He might also blame you for creating rifts between him and his mother.

5. Never reveal gossip about your family and friends
If in case you reveal about your family matter or what is happening in your best friend's life, he might judge your family or he may be prejudiced. He might also use it against you, if you ever have any disagreements.

6. Never reveal to him that your sex life isn’t great
If you’re dissatisfied with your sex life, don’t immediately accuse him or complain to him. If you have to tell him, just wait for the right opportunity.