The sentiment of ‘Go Local’ is echoing across Indian industries and households after Prime Minister Narendra Modigave the call for or ‘Vocal for local’ during his recent televised address to the nation. He urged the citizens to support local vendors, giving a much-needed boostto the morale of homegrown brands and regional companies. During the lockdown phase, people have a newfound perspective towards everything and a stronger sense of community.

Therefore, Indian brands and local vendors could soon take centrestage for various economic activities. Today, as we have decided to make conscious efforts in availing indigenous service and products, here is the list of some Indian baby care brands which are as good as the ‘videshi’ brands ruling the minds of Indian consumers since centuries:

Biotique: This Indian brand, founded in 1992 is a popular choice for people for their natural skincare products. The brand highlights that all their products are based on Ayurveda and are from 100% natural botanicals. Biotique has a wide range of natural baby care products as well, including pre-bath, post-bath, and other product range. Products such as soap-free bubble baths, massage oil with natural olive oil extracts, natural body washes, creams, lotions, balms and more. The products are free from harmful chemicals or any other artificial elements, making them safe for infants.

Mother Sparsh: Mother Sparsh is a pioneering eco-friendly baby care brand based in India. The brand aims to deliver a holistic experience to the mothers and babies with their natural; eco-friendly, biodegradable, paraben-free and chemical-free offerings. Their product range includes highly valuable items such as water-based wipes, India’s first cooking oil for kids, ayurvedic tummy roll-on, after bite turmeric balm, natural insect repellent, natural talc-free dusting powder, natural baby sunscreen, Vardhan ayurvedic lactation supplement to name a few. The brands came into existence when Rishu Gandhi (founder) became a mother and was disappointed with many commercially available baby care products. She pursued her quest to create natural products to give the best care to her child, and later on the idea to build a brand came into existence.

Maate Baby Care: Based in India, Maaté offers high-quality, chemical-free baby care products. Their entire product range is based on Ayurveda and includes the best from nature. Maate is owned by Priyanka C Raina, wife of India’s famous cricketer Suresh Raina. Maate offers baby care products under three categories, namely, nourish, cleansing and comfort. The brand claims to be using all-natural ingredients such as neem leaf extracts, fenugreek, oats, saffron, chamomile oils, and others.

Mamaearth: This Indian brand was founded in 2016 by a husband-wife duo and it claims to offer a wide range of 100% toxin-free products. The product lines include natural skincare, hair care, products for men, pregnancy and baby care products. Under the baby care category, Mamaearth offers products such as plant-based detergent powder, mineral-based sunscreen lotions, massage oils, body washes, winter must-have products, summer must-have products, hair sprays and more.

Overall, the Indian Baby Care Products Market is expanding significantly, and as per a study, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% during 2020-2025. Many factors, such as an increase in the number of working women and a growing number of earning members in a family are contributing to the rise in demand for commercial baby care products. As a nation, we are standing at the cusp of a great transformation and Indian businesses have the golden opportunity to contribute significantly towards the nation’s GDP. As consumers, we also have a chance to make a difference with respect to our buying decisions, and we must choose wisely.