Mumbai: What do you get when you smoosh together a cult series by George RR Martin, Game of Thrones, with the designer who made cow-printed saris the new cool aka Masaba Gupta? Well, the answer is kitschy GoT merchandise. 

Masaba has been selected as the official designer for curating Game Of Thrones merchandise and she shared the news on Instagram in a dramatic GoT style post complete with the tagline, 'Winter is coming.'  

According to reports, the designer is tight-lipped about the details but will be creating apparel, home products and jewellery inspired by the cast of the epic show for India, the UK and Indonesia. The collections is set to drop during the final season. Needless to say, the news made GoT fans go into overdrive, requesting her to share a tiny sneak-peek. Well, it remains to be seen if the designer would oblige. 

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The designer burst on the fashion scene with her quaint take on the traditional sari complete with kitschy prints and modern draping styles. We can't really wait longer for a GoT themed sari. 


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