New Delhi: Gordon Ramsay will soon be touring India, and the celebrity chef says he is looking forward to his visit.

"The good news is I'm coming back to India, and I can't wait," Ramsay said, according to a PTI report.

The British chef-restaurateur, who has earlier been to the country on culinary adventures, said his love for the Indian subcontinent cuisine dates back to his childhood.

"We lived in a council house in the middle of Birmingham in the Midlands growing up, and my parents' landlord was from Pakistan, and so I fell in love with not just the Indian/Pakistani cuisine then, so my ambition was always to travel to India to understand it," the celebrity chef said.

"From the north to the south, even 50 km from the Burmese border, Nagaland, again completely off-pieced and understanding what it was like with those communities in the depth of that jungle, and cooking incredible food," Ramsay recalled his experience,  in a select roundtable interaction from Los Angeles over the phone.

But the highlight, he said, has been Kerala.

"It's the land of the spice and the fragrance. I didn't think vegetarian cuisine could be that good in an ashram cooking with 55-60 women, preparing the most amazing meals," he added.

The world-renowned chef will feature in summer culinary adventure series "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted", which premieres on July 29 at 10 pm, on National Geographic and Hotstar.

As the name goes, the show will see Ramsay treading the road less travelled from Peru, Laos and Morocco to Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand, which would keep him on his toes as he explores valleys, oceans, forests and mountains while tasting culinary brilliance.

But even before “Uncharted" aired, many compared the upcoming show's format with that of late chef-travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain's.

It was during his 2010 UK series for Channel 4, "Gordon's Great Escapes," that he came to India and Southeast Asia to taste both food and adventure.

Ramsay said he would never go on to "copy" anyone in the field, let alone, Bourdain, who was a great friend.