New Delhi: Flawless, glowing skin was a viral beauty trend last year, one that seems to be the rage in 2019 too. While eating healthy and getting 8 hours of sleep is half the battle won, we spoke to celebrity makeup artist Bharti Taneja for her take on how to amp your beauty regimen for the new year. 

The founder of Alps Beauty Group as well as the woman behind actor Bipasha Basu's gorgeous wedding makeup, Bharti says makeup is all about keeping it natural this season. From indigenous ingredients to natural brown and coral pink makeup that suits every skin tone, here's how you can keep it natural this season. 

Living Coral 


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Turns out Pantone had it right when naming coral as the colour of the year 2019, describing it as "versatile and life-affirming". Bharti says, "Indeed, it is the colour that is going to top the beauty trends of 2019. Living Coral is vibrant, yet mellow – orange pink - making it a perfect pick-me-up colour for the lips. When used as nail paint, the colour gets you beach or pool ready in minutes. Since Living Coral is a colour that is soft as well as stunning, it perfectly suits the minimalistic taste of the modern bride who also wants to stand apart." 

Bold and beautiful


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Don't be predictable. Be fierce - is her beauty mantra for 2019. "The colour palette for lips this year will feature more fiery colours such as bright and bold reds, corals and pinks and less of safe shades of natural pink and brown. The standout lip colour will be all that you would need to rock your look. Pair it with minimalistic makeup and you are good to go," she says. 

Down to earth brows 


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Raw and real - that will be the mantra for eyebrows this year. Say goodbye to perfectly arched brows and welcome in a more natural shape and texture of your brows, advices Taneja.  

Natural products


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Charcoal and sheet masks continue to top popularity charts this year too. Bharti agrees, "Natural ingredients like aloe vera, turmeric, and charcoal have made our beauty treatments more indulgent and fuss-free over the years and more natural beauty wanders will be getting added to the list. Watch out for yuzu lemon, moringa leaves, matcha, and organic fruit powder made of banana, pomegranate, apple and coconut water which will be enriching your face masks, creams, serums, scrubs, and anti-ageing formulas."