As Dr. Lal Tanwani sat down to speak, it was quite evident that he had a certain calmness about him, his lines were filled with a sense of humbleness as the conversation went by. It was probably the way he was brought up as a child, which was well acknowledged in the conversation

Dr. Lal Tanwani is a determined soul, his endeavors towards his studies are limitless, he has this beautiful sense of putting society beside him, gaining knowledge, and sharing it with his students, you can call it, collective development in the society. The belief that students are indeed the future of this country, the world as a whole, is a strong motive behind this deed.

Born in a typical middle-class family, like the majority of us Indians, is a man of obedience. There were certain instances in his life that spurred him towards a better version of himself, a peculiar one that stands out is the instance when his shop was taken into custody under the jurisdiction of the municipal co-operation.

It is quite evident from the content above that Dr.Lal Tanwani is quite obsessed with his studies and also the overall development of society, in this obsession led to 2 PhDs. and that passion for learning continues to flow through his youthful mind. Age certainly is just a number, quite apparent, as he continues to go past stereotypes that have been created in society.

Struck by adversities, Dr. Lal Tanwani chose the path of education, to come out unscathed.  He started off with tuition. Well, the beginning might have been rough, with only a single student in his ranks, success was soon to follow, a fruit obtained by virtue of his hard work and perseverance.

The growth he had is unparalleled, opening many branches going by the name, “Padma Institute of Knowledge". His latest achievement has not only made his family or his Students but the Entire Education Fraternity of India Proud. Dr. Lal Tanwani has set a World for by receiving 11 Educational Degrees Post Graduation by an Individual. These Degrees include B. Com. in 1991, (Finance) in 1993, B.Ed in 1995, M.Com (Cost Accounts) in 1997, M.A. (Economics) in 2002, M. Phil (Commerce) in 2009, Ph.D. (Commerce) and MBA (Finance) in 2017, Advanced Diploma in Value Education in 2018, D. Litt in 2018 and Ph.D. (Management) in 2019.

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