New Delhi: The D-day of romance is here. Whether you are one of the romantics who make elaborate plans to express their love or are one with the sceptics who scoff at all the fuss, we have some information that may leave you shooketh. 

For centuries, women have been treated as being the 'softer' one aka the gender likely to go OTT for chocolates, roses and the works on Valentine's Day. International dating service OkCupid conducted a survey with some of their users to break gender stereotypes once and for all.

Below are some interesting data points gathered from the user responses to questions about love and romance on the app.

First date on V-day- Yay or nay?

Ladies, if you were wondering when your right swipe match will make the relationship Insta-official, today may be the day. According to the 65% of men are more likely to plan the first date on Valentine’s Day as compared to 50% women.

Are you romantic?

Whoever said boys don't cry probably never met one. A staggering 77% of men think that they are the most romantic person and 33% of them expect their partners to do something special on Valentine’s Day. So, we suggest you let him watch The Notebook alone.

OTT dates- yay or nay?

Now, that we have busted some dating myths be prepared for the suckerpunch. The data states that 93% of men think long walks on the beach are ‘so romantic’ as compared to 91% of women. Boom!
Turns out, men don't really like the 'quiet date night in'. About 53% of men were all yay for a romantic three-day weekend with their significant other around V-day. However, don't expect to take them to Paris just yet. Turns out, 70% of men chose to romance in the woods to be far more romantic than snuggling in Paris.

They still miss their ex more than you do

While we feel all mushy this month, how about giving love a second chance? 48% of men believe in second chances when it comes to romantic relationships and feel that it may work out in another time or place. Whereas, women are more practical with 47% of them saying that it totally depends on the relationship.