Our emotional intelligence and control over the mind can deeply impact various sectors of our lives including our decision-making process, interpersonal relationships, and financial success. As human beings, it is not very uncommon to wonder about our control over our minds. This issue of whether our mind controls us or we are in charge of our mind has mushroomed several debates throughout the history of mankind. Several great minds have tried to ponder over the workings of the conscious and subconscious selves and explain their operations. One such individual is author and filmmaker Ashwin Alok whose concept of the DSLR Mind Test seeks to demystify the dynamics between our minds and us in simple words.

Ashwin Alok’s extensive study in the realms of the conscious and subconscious mind has not only helped him to understand the inner workings of the human mind but also enabled him to formulate the idea of what he calls the DSLR Mind Test. This revolutionary method takes the help of a few simple questions to give a clear picture of how much of your mind is under your control. Not having enough control can leave us totally unaware of our daily endeavors leading to several uncomfortable situations. It has an adverse impact on our decisions and the state of our mind. Making decisions based on impulse and hovering away from logical reasoning can benefit no individual. However, Ashwin believes that with proper training we can regain our power over our mind which will provide us long-term benefits as well as allow us to lead a successful life.

According to Ashwin’s theory of DSLR Mind as mentioned in his book ‘The Music of Silence’, the human mind is the culmination of two separate entities – conscious self (us) and subconscious self (our mind). So, Ashwin compares us with a DSLR that also has two operational modes namely Auto Mode and Manual Mode. When in Auto Mode, DSLRs capture excellent photos with the best possible settings at that moment but no one really can control or change those predisposed settings. As a matter of fact, one can comfortably click better pictures using Manual Mode where the power to play with settings resides in your hands. However, Manual Mode requires proper training and skills for the optimal outcome which is why people fear to switch to the Manual Mode from the Auto Mode.

Similarly, people nowadays have no idea what marvel they can accomplish if they take the charge of their mind. Due to the fear of failure, they choose to remain overwhelmed by their emotions and avoid embracing the Manual Mode. They fail to realize that with a calm and controlled mind, they can shun any challenge or obstacle in life and emerge victoriously.  Ashwin gives the example of MS Dhoni whose calm of mind and emotional intelligence have made him one of the most successful captains in Indian Cricket history. In no situation, he let his emotions control his decision and stay in charge of his mind. As a result of his calm demeanor, we all know him as ‘Captain Cool.’

As an expert in cognitive territories, Ashwin does not vilify the Auto Mode of the human mind and points out its benefits in the right context. At the same time, he stresses the importance of training the mind in regulatory skills so that one can easily break through the constraints of one’s own mind. Through his revolutionary theory of DSLR Mind, Ashwin Alok is looking forward to helping the common man in his journey of self-discovery.

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