New DelhiFreelance comic with comedy group All India Bakchod, Utsav Chakraborty was recently accused of sending unsolicited 'dick-pics' to allegedly minor women.

In his first few posts responding to the allegations, he said "this whole thing needs patience" and "incredible amount of context". However, later on, a swift apology followed. 

However, now, a series of new allegations are surfacing that the comic is terming as 'doctored'. While he has responded to these allegations, Sapan Verma, of East India Comedy fame, also joined him in shooting down some of the claims. 



Interestingly, when sexual harassment charges were levelled against The Viral Fever (TVF) CEO, Arunabh Kumar, an anonymous user took to Reddit, under the pseudonym 'shadenfreude557', accusing AIB's Rohan Joshi of forcefully trying to kiss her, and of verbally abusing and groping her. 

Joshi responded to the allegations and asked Mumbai police to look into the matter. Less than an hour later, the post was replaced by the following, baffling the trolls who had already started attacking the comedian online.