While many Celebrities flexes high-end beauty brands, they had a special place for drug store products. Drug store products have gained prominence through Tik Toks and reels. It is needless to say every consumer loves the idea of picking products in the nearest stores. Convenience has flourished to become a requisite.

Normally, Individual retail stores are located in malls or hugely populated localities. But those who live in the countryside do not have access to makeup products. While e-commerce does the need, many consumers still prefer testing on products before they buy. This can only be experienced at physical stores. The imagination of personal care products being available in a store nearest store is just fetch.

Drug store products clearly need of the hour. Not only are they accessible, but also save up your money to get your glam done on daily basis. Colour cosmetics, an indie brand decided to make its mark in the beauty industry. This brand has been able to cater for a wider beauty audience by offering smart prices. Besides affordability, It is all in praise for its distinctive product portfolio which includes foundations, lipsticks, bronzers, blushes, and other tools among others.

Colour cosmetics reckons everyone irrespective of their gender and geographical barriers should have access to makeup products without having to compromise price and quality. It can be inferred from their product range that they have aced research to ensure their products accommodate the demographics of India. Currently, the products are retailing in e-commerce. However, the brand officially announced that they are in talks with retailers to reach each and every corner in the country. Mhm. It looks like the brand that is ideal for your beauty emergency this season.

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