Social Media stars today have created incredible communities to share their talents, interests and lifestyle, inspiring people to live out their dreams. In a year full of lockdown and tryst with the Covid-19 pandemic, social media has maintained a sense of community when sojourning to the next state or country has become challenging.

 Aarohi Singh is one such social media star who inspires youngsters with her interesting stories on brand promotion. Her honesty and openness about her work and life experiences has helped her garner massive social media followings. With her sheer dedication and passion towards her work, Ms Aarohi has recently collaborated with more than 50 brands.
Describing her journey as a social media influencer and a renowned Model, Aarohi said: “I choose the brands I am promoting very selectively as I understand my responsibility towards my viewers. Earlier Social media was just for fun but now it has given me a very potential career.”
Under the aegis of veteren actor Anupam Kher, she also got an opportunity to hone her skills as an actor from his acting academy named “Actors Prepared”.
As a talented dancer and singer, her social media account is always filled with exciting videos on dancing and singing which is appreciated by her viewers and fans all over the world.  Aarohi Singh now is among the fastest rising social media stars in the country. With a fanbase surpassing half a million and stretching all corners of the nation, including expatriates across the globe, it is easy to see why everyone falls instantly in love with her infectious energy and charm.
Besides Aarohi often feels grateful to the people who have joined her, helping her grow and explore her path. To her, these individuals are no longer friends but are part of the extended family. She knows that with the support of her new family and massive fanbase, there is no nothing that she cannot achieve.