Gulmarg:  A Game of Thrones tribute video made by musicians in Kashmir has made its way to the official anthem. Called The Cure – Game of Thrones Kashmiri Tribute was featured in the official tribute compilation posted on the show's Twitter handle.

This video is India's single entry for the compilation video. The first episode of GoT had aired in 2011 and inspired quite a cult following. So much so, that eight years later, fans continue to recreate the soulful music from the series.      

Shot in the beautiful snowy locales of Gulmarg, the music video is not very different from the show's cold setting.  

The member of the band, The Cure, Ruman Hamdani took to Twitter to share their video and also the fan moment when their video was featured. While sharing the original video, he wrote- 'Earlier this year we got together with musicians Sufiyan, Hujat and Zakir to create a tribute to Game of Thrones. We're huge fans of the series and this is our love letter to it. The track uses Kashmiri instruments like Rabab and No't creating a kashmiri rendition of the main theme composed by Ramin Djawadi.' 

His post was widely shared and the effort lauded by the netizens. 


The fan film also shows character inspired by the series and has netizens left pleasantly surprised by the beauty of Kashmir. One even wrote, "What have you done? Is it for real? Oh my god! You raised the bars so high. You could do all that which actual GoT did with all the VFX and effects. 
Loved the music. Loved the costumes. Kashmiri Tyrion Lannister looks so much like actual Tyrion Lannister. 
Whitewalkers scene was crafted to perfection. The Night king’s make up was so on point. Overall 10/10."  Press play and get mesmerised: