Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, Asia’s largest medical services provider company, celebrates its 3rdAnniversary on 15th November 2020. The company started its operation in Jharkhand in 2017, with 31 ambulances and grew to 337 no. of well-equipped ambulances serving the state.The project was flagged of by Chief Minister Sri Raghubar Das in 2017. The 108 dial-in ambulance service run by Ziqitza in the state, has benefited around 5 lakhs plus people in past years.


Ziqitza aims to reduce the number of fatalities caused due to accidents by providing timely emergency medical help to the people within the golden hour. The people of these states can now directly call 108 in case of an emergency from anywhere at any time and receive 24 x 7 assistance.


Currently, maternal mortality is high and sensitive areas have seen an impact of this too. Ziqitza Healthcare ltd since its inception in the region has served over 5 lacs plus cases, which has helped to raise the rate of Institutional Deliveries in the region.  Road Accidents being another rising concern in the state, Ziqitza’s 108 run ambulance service has successfully handled around 800 patients almost every single day. In these years they have played a pivotal role in handling around 72000 plus accident cases and another milestone has been of by serving over 2 lakhinfants transfers for medical aid on time.


Commenting on the success, Mr. Sumit Basu, Project Head, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd said, "We are glad that Ziqitza’s expertise of successfully operating ambulance services across the country and diverse terrains are been utilized in providing emergency services to the people of Jharkhand.  In spite of connectivity issues in the rural areas, we have been instrumental in providing quality pre-hospital care. We would like to acknowledge and thank State National Health Mission for their continuous support Emergency Medical service has come a long way, since we began our operations. Our aim is to contribute to the region and help save more lives and provide assistance to everyone in need, despite his / her financial strata."


108 services have been serving people 24 by 7 during the pandemic in the same manner like the regular times. Apart from regular patient transfers manyambulances have been deputed specially for carrying COVID patients in the state. Special services have also been started to drop back patients from medical colleges to districts keeping in mind transport difficulties due to lock down. Ziqitza regional team have ensured all safety measures such as regular check-up of staff on board including temperature check, SPO2 levels at regular intervals. Every ambulance is sanitized and fumigated after every patient is transferred. Staff as well all patients are provided with three-layer clinical mask and hand sanitizers to keep themselves safe during transportation.


The challenge which we have observed over the years while running the service is that 108 helplines operated by Ziqitza Limited (ZHL), receives 80% ineffective calls in a day which is affecting the genuine callers in need. These calls include general enquiries regarding mobile recharges, gas connection problems, information about fake locations where ambulances are not needed, abusive calls, unnecessary calls to have a conversation with the female employees, and other such problems which are beyond the scope of work of the helpline. 


In the past helpline on an average received approx. 4000 nuisance and ineffective callsevery day, as a result of which, officials from Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd collectively spend about 2-3 manhours a day attending unproductive calls. Additionally, these irrelevant calls block the system, affecting patients in need of an ambulance, which could result in the loss of valuable lives.  These calls affect the availability of emergency help to the people who are in dire need of medical attention. The people of the state should understand that they should not dial the 108 number unless there is a medical emergency. By avoiding such calls, we at Ziqitza will be in a better position to serve the patients who are in need of emergency help as the number of irrelevant calls will reduce. Such unnecessary calls can cost another person his/her life. Ziqitza Rajasthan too in the past has played commented on the nuisance calls bombardment on the 108 Helplines which constrains the optimum usage.


Mr. Naresh Jain, CEO, Ziqitza Health Care Ltd., added, “As an emergency medical service company, we understand the value of time in saving a patient’s life, especially in 5lac medical emergency cases. Such situations can be tackled by someone who is trained and with the proper first aid within the ‘golden hour’, significantly increase the chances of survival. As a responsible and leading emergency medical service company, we are committed to saving lives, and equipping people to help save more lives. We believe that Ziqitza is uniquely equipped to respond to such situations through an extensive network of ambulances and medical responders. We operate around 300 ambulances in just the state and each emergency medical unit is equipped with a team of paramedics and technicians that meet the standards”


About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited


Ziqitza healthcare Ltd had been set up with a vision to assist in saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world. Ziqitza Limited had been set up with a vision to assist in saving human lives by providing a leading network of fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances across the developing world. Ziqitza Healthcare has currently more than 10,000 people working tirelessly, day and night, to serve people in India. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd is currently operating more than 3300 ambulances across 16 states and has served more than 28 million people till date.