Bengaluru: At a time when India forgets its differences and stands as one to condemn the killings of 20 Indian soldiers at Galwan Valley, former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi has hit out at the Prime Minister, posing an odd question to him. 

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He said, “China has committed a crime by killing India’s unarmed soldiers. I want to know who sent these unarmed soldiers in the harm’s way and why. Who is responsible?” 

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “Rahul Gandhi should have waited for the all-part meeting on the issue.” 

He further added, “The lack of faith in the Indian government that Rahul Gandhi has shown in these times is irresponsible. You should realise that when you are speaking against the Prime Minister, it is not against an individual man, but against the leader of the country.”

BJP leader Ram Madhav said, “Opposition's behaviour is very unfortunate. When the entire nation should stand with the Army and the government, it is unfortunate that the main opposition party issues statements that benefit India's enemies. They use Rahul Gandhi's statement to form their argument.”

On the issue of being unarmed, Hindustan Times notes thus: 

The soldiers were unarmed, as part of a protocol between the two sides. Forward troops patrolling the disputed border either do not carry guns, or, if they do, keep them slung on their backs with the magazines in pouches and not clipped on.

The Chinese soldiers were supposed to have withdrawn from the location under a de-escalation plan discussed by senior commanders from both sides on June 6.  

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Rahul Gandhi should have waited to express his opinions when he meets the PM during an all-party meet on June 19. 

To make such statements while the nation mourns the deaths of the braveheart is not only inopportune but also a statement on how Rahul Gandhi lacks the social graces