Gwalior: Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Friday (September 20) sought proper training and equipping of the forces to deal with chemical and biological weapons, which otherwise could irrevocably damage the nation's functioning and infrastructure.

He was speaking at a programme at Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) where he addressed the scientists. "The use of chemical and biological weapons is a possible condition of future warfare and could occur in any stages of war to disrupt nation's function and infrastructure. There is no guarantee that damage done could be recovered," the minister said.

"To meet this challenge our forces must be properly trained and equipped to operate effectively and decisively in the face of chemical or biological attack," he said.

"Use of chemical and biological weapons may jeopardize life , health, property, and commerce in a way that it may take long time to recover. In many of the regions where we deploy our forces, potential adversaries may use these weapons," Singh said.

He said that DRDE has developed technology for detection of toxic agents toxic agent, protection from it and decontamination technology. He said that the scientists are capable of dealing with the emerging challenges.

"I am confident that our scientists have the potential to meet whatever challenge terrorism poses," Singh said

"Early detection of chemical and biological agents is the prerequisite for successful protection and decontamination. It is quite appreciable that several DRDE developed products are being used by our Armed forces," he said.