Lucknow: After the return of more than 15 lakh migrant labourers in Uttar Pradesh the unemployment figure has scaled up in several different districts of the state. Especially in the eastern region where more than 70% migrants have returned to their hometown from other states during the coronavirus crisis in the last two months.
 This could lead to the major problem of unemployment shooting up in the state, leading to another crisis.

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However, the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government has decided to provide jobs to the migrants at the local level and the khadi department has taken the onus to provide employment to many migrants. The khadi department will create more than 1.5 lakh jobs in the state.

Authorities are looking at setting up small units in local areas. These units will be equipped with all facilities under one roof and there will be no obstacles to production. The khadi department is also putting in efforts to create jobs in the state through several ongoing schemes and encourage self-employment in various districts. 

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Principal secretary of the department Navneet Sahgal said, “the government is already implementing many schemes in the state and now we are trying to simplify the norms where anyone can approach the local administration to set out to conduct business.
“We are approaching job seekers to set up units at the local level and we are providing many facilities without any hassle. After setting up small units many others will get jobs near their homes”.
Meanwhile, the state government has set a target to generate employment opportunities in the state in the next six months. The government has claimed more than 1.45 lakh jobs will be available in the state.
Sahgal said, “The department’s ambitious scheme Mati Kala Karyakaram (Mati Artwork Program) is already running and we are trying to become more effective under the current circumstances. According to the department, the plan is to build 2700 facility centres in the nine commissionerates in the state”.