New Delhi: Despite having to face an economic crisis and lack of resources, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has been successful in curbing coronavirus cases in the state by a large extent. While on the other hand, CMs of other states, despite better economic conditions, better medical facilities and availability of human resources have not been able to mitigate coronavirus cases and the death toll in their respective states.

Apart from this, whether it is the matter of bringing in migrants or the strict action against the Jamaat members or the matter of providing employment to the jobless, all these have been handled well by Yogi Adityanath. Recently, Yogi has been able to shed the image of him that had been projected previously. In dealing with the coronavirus outbreak Yogi Adityanath has emerged as an accomplished administrator as well as a result-oriented manager.

Most populous state Uttar Pradesh still has fewer cases of coronavirus infection than other states, due to the government’s efforts. Recoveries in patients have also seen a surge when compared to the cases reported in the state.

Political rivals applaud Yogi

The political rival of Yogi Adityanath applauded him for taking the step to bring back migrants from other states and send them safely to their homes. Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who always lashed out at Yogi’s decision, now praised Yogi Adityanath. While at the same time BSP chief Mayawati also expressed her support to the Yogi government during the corona havoc. Mayawati also asked her party MLA to contribute to the CM fund. It was the first time when Yogi Adityanath called the BSP chief and expressed gratitude.

While opponents do not speak openly because of political barriers, they have been vocal that the chief minister did very good work in UP.

Yogi acted against lockdown violators

Chief minister Yogi Adityanath many times showed his adamant side during the coronavirus havoc. He has taken strict action against those who attacked doctors, medical staff and police officials. They were also sent to jail and charged under the National Security Act for their deeds. UP was the first state where the government sent Jamaat members to jail. Jamaat members who hid inside the masjid and other places faced strict action. Authorities also registered a case against them and after completion of the quarantine period they were taken to jail, while states like Delhi gave them a clean chit.

In fact, in West Bengal, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, the coronavirus cases surged owing to Tablighi Jamaat members, but state governments never acknowledged it and could not take any action against them only, vote bank politics being the touted reason.

Meanwhile, the UP government has changed the old Epidemic law to safeguard COVID warriors after several attacks were reported on them in the state. The state government also provided medical facilities like masks, PPE kits to medical staff to fight the coronavirus. At the same time, in states like West Bengal, medical staff are still left demanding the government for medical equipment.

Hotspot model was successful

Chief minister Yogi Adityanath took speedy action to contain coronavirus and his hotspot model received huge appreciation by other states, who applied this model in their states to control cases of infection. The UP government imposed a ban on movement in hotspot zones and had provided them all services like food, vegetables and medical facilities at their doorsteps.

UP first state to bring back migrants

The UP government was the first state who decided to bring back migrants from other states who were stranded. More than three lakh migrants have already returned to the state and have peacefully reached their homes after completion of the quarantine period.

The UP government sent more than a thousand buses in the UP-Delhi border when information spread in Delhi over the exodus of migrants at the border. The UP government also sent students from Kota, Rajasthan back home as they were stuck after their coaching was stalled due to the lockdown.

Next target employment generation

UP government has continued to focus on employment generation for migrants who lost their jobs during the coronavirus outbreak and now wants to shift to their hometown. More than the three lakh migrants have already made it back.

However, it is a big and complicated problem for the government to provide jobs to all. The government has put maximum focus in the MSME sector to create jobs at the local level. The government has begun a dialogue with industries to set up in UP.

The government has already set up a panel under the chairmanship of the MSME minister in the state and has started to provide loans to businesses.