Bengaluru: After Indian soldiers dismantled a Chinese tent at the Galwan Valley (point-14) which is a part and parcel of India’s territory, Chinese troops attacked India’s brave and unarmed soldiers, killing as many as 20. 

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The outrage over the killing has spread across the country, with a clarion call for teaching China a lesson. 

The Unites States media has thrown its weight behind India over the violent clashes, for which China is responsible and must be held responsible. 

"Beating 20 Indian soldiers to death Monday evening, China's People's Liberation Army has provoked the Indian nationalist tiger," Journalist Tom Rogan wrote in an opinion piece in Washington Examiner.

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He added, “Shaping a foreign policy vision of India as a global power capable of and willing to defend its interests, Modi has skillfully redirected Indian nationalist sentiments away from their prior obsession with domestic sectarian interests (though this remains a problem) and toward the idea of India as a key international player.”

"He (PM Modi) will feel especially pressured to respond forcefully given perceptions in his Bharatiya Janata Party that he acted too timidly to a February 2019 attack by Pakistani terrorists. Adding fuel to the fire, this isn't the first recent Chinese escalation against Indian interests," Rogan said further.


India has always mentioned that all its activities are well within its borders: 

"Given its responsible approach to border management, India is very clear that all its activities are always within the Indian side of the LAC. We expect the same of the Chinese side," MEA Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said. 

News reports add that PLA attacked unarmed Indian soldiers with stones, iron rods wrapped with barbed wire. Yet, the unarmed Indian soldiers fought tooth and nail and inflicted heavy casualties on the opposite side. 

Reports say that a few Indian soldiers even jumped into the river to escape the Chinese brutality.