Bengaluru: As many as 20 Indian soldiers laid down their lives in the line of duty at the India-China border (Galwan Border). 

Col Bikumalla Santosh Babu of the 16th Bihar Batallion was one such. 

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Times of India reports that his father B Upendra, upon hearing the news of the death of his son, did not cry, but put up a brave face. 

It is reported that he said, “I was always aware that one day I could hear what I heard today, and I was mentally prepared for it. Everyone dies but it is a privilege to die for the country and I am proud of my son.”

It is also to be noted that Santosh had fought in Kupwara and he had even received plaudits for it. 

Col Babu had joined the Sainik School at Korukunda in Andhra Pradesh and had eventually committed his life to the uniform.

The last conversation: 

It is reported that Santosh spoke to his parents on June 14. He said when asked about the matter there thus: “I am not supposed to tell you anything. You should not ask me that. We can talk when I am back with you”.

He is also reported to have said that what is being telecast on TV was extremely different from what was happening on the ground. 

The father then added, “Little did we know that it would be his last call to us. Everyone has to die. But dying for the country is a big thing and we are proud of our son.”

Santosh’s mother, on learning of the incident, said, “I am happy that he gave his life for the country, but as a mother, I am devastated. I have lost my only son.”


MyNation salutes the supreme sacrifice of the soldiers.