Bengaluru: The Union home ministry has informed the top court that the Tablighi Jamaatis have breached visa conditions and committed criminal offences. 

The ministry, in its affidavit, said, visa is not a "fundamental right or even an enforceable right," rather being granted a visa is "a privilege."

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The affidavit, which Republic TV has access to, says that the Immigration Bureau as of April 2020 had cancelled 985 visas and issued 1507 lookout circulars to Tablighis on e-visa. As of June, a total of 2679 visas had been cancelled. The MHA added that no member had been deported so far as criminal proceedings against them were ongoing.

The pleas, filed by foreign Tablighis from 35 countries, the petitions in the SC have demanded directions to the MHA to remove their names from the blacklist, reinstate their visas and facilitate their return to their respective countries. They termed the "unilateral blacklisting" of foreigners as a violation of Article 21 of the Constitution.


The timeline: 

It was on March 13 that around 3400 assembled at Nizamuddin Markaz as part of the religious event.

And on March 16, the CM of Delhi announced that there would be no gatherings of more than 50 people. Yet, there was no respect for his words. The event continued.
Four days later, 10 Indonesians who had attended the event test positive in Telangana.

On March 22, the much important event, Janata curfew took place. No gatherings were allowed.

A day later, around 1500 vacated the event.

On March 25, there were around 1000 people still in attendance.

A day later, an Indian preacher dies in Srinagar. This preacher was a part of the event.

On March 30, there were reports that six of those who attended the event died in Telangana.
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had ordered an FIR be filed against the Maulana for holding an event of this magnitude despite the orders.